Diabetes Natural Cure - Is Diabetes Actually Curable?

Can diabetes be reversed?

I have bad news and good news for you.

The bad news is..

Unfortunately, the answer is a “no” for type 1 diabetes (insulin-dependent diabetes), although actually getting the proper diet as well as sufficient vitamin D can reduce the amount of insulin that should be taken.

And the good news is...

Fortunately, it is a “yes” for type 2 diabetes (non-insulin-dependent diabetes), especially if it is diagnosed early. In The New England Journal of Medicine, Walter Willett, MD, PhD, states that 91% off all type 2 diabetes can be prevented.

Many people has proven that type 2 diabetes is curable, and they include DeWayne McCulley, an ex-diabetic, diabetic coma survivor, and author with a background in engineering and biochemistry who is also the founder of Death to Diabetes, LLC.

Type 2 diabetes can be reversed naturally without you having to spend thousands on drugs or medical costs. In fact, you should not be dependent on diabetic medications or supplements since they only treat the symptoms of diabetes, such as elevated blood sugar, instead of the root cause.

How to really cure diabetes naturally, then?

According to DeWayne McCulley,  there are 10 steps (which he applied to cure his own diabetes) you can do to start curing your diabetes:

1.       Increasing Your Diabetes Knowledge

You should know about diabetes, the causes, complications, what exercises you can do, etc. You can do this by going to the library, reading articles on websites, discussing with other diabetics, etc.

Check out the interesting video below where Mr. McCulley explains about the underlying causes and pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes:

2.       Including More Live Foods in Your Diet

Stop eating dead foods. To be able to reverse type 2 diabetes, you need to eat “live” foods such as:

bright-colored veggies

raw juices

cold-water fish

dark-colored fruits, etc.

By eating live foods you will be able to nourish, cleanse, and also repair your body's cells. Doing it on a regular basis will also reduce excessive insulin, prevent inflammation, as well as helps heal the body whether it is physically, emotionally, hormonally, or spiritually.

Note: A powerful specific diet for diabetes patients is the super meal model. Refer to this post to learn more.

3.       Stopping Processed Foods

As mentioned previously, avoid “dead” foods such as:

white flour

refined sugar

high fructose corn syrup

trans fats

animal meats

drugs (including alcohol and tobacco), etc.

Eating dead foods excessively will damage or kill your body's cells plus increase unhealthy cravings. If you are really serious on reversing diabetes, then you must avoid dead foods.

4.       Testing Blood Glucose More Frequently

You can perform blood glucose testing and evaluate your readings. When you feel that you’ve improved, you will get the motivation to continue your program of reversing diabetes.

5.       Exercising Regularly

Exercising is recommended for 4 times per week. You should also be more active physically, and try to take 5 to 10 minutes of walking one hour after having lunch and/or dinner. Check out the type 2 diabetes exercise article learn more.

6.       Performing Detoxification or Cleansing

Consume the proper nutrients to remove the toxins in your organs like colon, kidneys, gallbladder, liver, etc. DeWayne has provided what foods you can consume for detoxification, but you should ask your doctor to help you go through the process. Or, you can also perform detox by juicing therapy, exercise therapy, or drug weaning.

7.       Taking Food-Based Nutritional Supplements

Sometimes it is difficult to eat foods with the balanced nutrition in this fast-paced world. Therefore, taking food-based supplements can be beneficial. Remember that we are talking about "food-based" supplements here, NOT those pills made of synthetic chemicals that are commonly found in drug stores!

Food-based supplements should be consumed so that they can be absorbed and utilized by your body. Some natural supplements you can take include omega-3 EFAs, magnesium, cinnamon, cod liver oil, etc. When looking for supplements, make sure that they are clearly stated as food-based.

8.       Working with Your Doctor or Healthcare Professional

To be able to review your improvements, you should visit your doctor regularly. This way, your doctor will be able to offer treatment options, provide medical advice, and also suggest some resources. While working with your doctor, your job is to monitor the symptoms as well as blood glucose readings.After that, you should report the results accurately.

9.       Using Your Emotional Health

Emotional support will affect your results. This includes managing your stress and having a positive attitude. Surrounding yourself with fellow diabetics that are positive and hopeful can also be very advantageous in improving your health.

You can consult your doctor about a local support group, and you can also browse online for discussion boards.

10.   Developing Proactive Wellness Plan

Try to create a plan to eat, exercise, as well as test at the same time on a regular basis.

The above 10 steps are what Mr. DeWayne used to cure his diabetes. He has put everything in his e-book, Death to Diabetes. You can learn more about the complete 10 steps to reverse type 2 diabetes in his e-book.

So, is diabetes curable?

Yes, it is!

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